Sharing Our Appreciation With Our Animal Friends

This month’s video blog is all about Appreciation and Gratitude for the animals in our lives.  The short video below gives some easy tips for creating time to show appreciation to our furry and feathered friends.


And what better way to share your appreciation for your companions than by learning how to communicate with them?


There are 2 Animal Communication Workshops taking place over the next month – covering the south and the north of the country!


If you are interested in advancing your communication skills or learning the intricacies of Challenging Behaviour or how to deal with Death and Dying, then the advanced workshop is a must for you! Both these topics will be covered fully – and you are welcome to bring a photo of any animal you are having behavioural problems with!  Or any animal you are concerned may be nearing the end of their life here on earth….   Full details here


As you know, I am SO passionate about Animal Communication and it is my dream to work with students who are keen to spread the magic and work professionally like I do.  So if you believe that this is your calling, don’t hesitate to join me at a workshop soon.  Exciting things are happening in the land of Animal Communication here at Pet Whisperer…..


Enjoy the video and enjoy your own special time with your animal companion/s telling them how much they are loved, valued and appreciated.


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