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Upgrade your basic On-Line Learning Course by enrolling in Pet Whisperer’s International Training School.

Being part of Pet Whisperer’s International Training School has many fabulous content packed benefits for you, providing a more rounded, interactive and supportive experience for those who learn better in a coaching style environment.

Additional benefits include:-

  • A Short Enrolment Questionnaire: creates clarity of where you are at just now, enabling Sarah-Jane to support you most appropriately as you enter into this magical journey of Re-igniting Your Inner Animal Communicator
  • All Modules are delivered to your own private Virtual Classroom secured with your own username and password
  • Weekly 1:1 private Tutorials
    • Check in weekly with Sarah-Jane as you learn
    • Ask questions as they arise for you using the Weekly Tutorial Form
    • Seek further clarity on anything you don’t understand
    • All correspondence is contained in your Virtual Classroom so you don’t need to go trawling through emails when you want to revisit a question and/or answer
  • Monthly 1:1 private Coaching
    • Reflect on your progress each month
    • Chart your successes
    • Identify your challenges over the month
    • Set your goals for the following month
    • See your growth and development progress each month as you record your achievements
    • Support from Sarah-Jane is tailored to your identified needs
  • Monthly Group Tutorial
    • All students are invited to attend monthly teleseminars/webinars
    • Share your own, and hear other’s, successes
    • Hear what challenges are facing other students
    • Learn practical strategies to overcome challenges and enhance your learning
  • Student Support
    • Exclusive support group for International Training School students
    • Link up with other students in the School, share experiences and support each other as you learn together
    • Opportunities to practice with each other’s animals knowing that you are working with others who will be sensitive, caring and compassionate with you as you practice your newfound skills

Great Package isn’t it? 

Whilst this upgrade is available at any time at a cost of £500, why wait until you hit a block or face challenges in your communication work?

Buy the whole package today for only £370!

All these additional benefits for less than £10 per month – that’s a mere fraction of Sarah-Jane’s basic hourly teaching rate!!!!

Join her now!

Standard Price £500 instant upgrade today only £370!!!
10 instalments of £58 instant upgrade today only £40!!! 

Investing in your own learning to support animals in the future also benefits animals directly today as 10% of all workshops, membership subscriptions and courses support animal charities.  Please see our newsletter for charity details.