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Yes, it’s completely possible!

As a qualified Quantum Thinking Technologist (yes, that’s a bit of a mouth full!), nothing gives me greater pleasure than supporting clients  in becoming bigger, brighter, fuller versions of themselves.  Where you can live the life you desire – and deserve.

It never ceases to amaze me how much our lives are held back – and deeply impacted – by experiences or even long forgotten comments or statements that happened way back in our past.  Yet the subconscious mind forgets nothing!  And every comment, statement and experience is held in the vault of the unconscious mind. 

Did you know that it is the primary role of the subconscious mind to keep us safe?  At all costs.  And so the subconscious mind will send us warnings via feelings of fear, anxiety or worry when it believes we may be about to repeat or create a similar earlier experience that we found traumatic, upsetting or hurtful.

This is how the subconscious keeps us safe. 

And this “Protection” can show up in many different ways:-

  • By avoiding that new relationship or friendship, we avoid being hurt or let down again
  • When we play small/safe at work or in life, we avoid failure, ridicule or judgement
  • When we have no money, we justify not investing in ourselves – because unconsciously we believe we are not worth it
  • Learning not to speak out keeps us safe by not rocking the boat – yet our truth is never heard – and that pains the soul deeply

Your Life Can Only Change When You Change

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”  Henry Ford

The purpose of the “Transform Your Life” sessions is to support you in identifying what conscious or unconscious patterns you may be running and how to shift your thinking around them.

“What I  love about working with you Sarah-Jane is how you so lovingly shine light on the deepest, darkest parts of myself and my life and help me see the good in them.  This is something I never thought was possible and has allowed me to experience – and take – something positive from experiences that were so very, very negative and damaging for me.  Thank you for helping me get my life back!”    Sheila Hunt, New York

Using a combination of Deep Listening, Belief Clearing Techniques, Re-Framing of Thoughts and Perceptions, Deep Emotional Release, Positive Anchoring and Positive Resolution Techniques it is completely possible to:-

  • Identify and shift deeply held beliefs that you may not even have been aware of
  • Resolve past hurts and emotional pain caused by others without even speaking to them
  • Release Guilt and Shame from any situation or experience
  • Instil and embed confidence that you can “trigger off” anytime you need it
  • Overcome debilitating fear, anxiety, depression, worry….
  • Move beyond your past experiences and reach a place where you no longer allow your past to dictate your present – or your future

Below are some experiences of how clients have created sustainable change in their lives working with me in the “Transform Your Life” Sessions:-

  • Overcoming crippling anxiety and being able to sleep easy
  • Changing beliefs around “not being enough” and finally being able to secure that promotion at work
  • Overcoming debilitating fear and being able to confidently stand their ground
  • Finding their voice to speak up and be heard – with assertion, not aggression
  • Manage fear and anxiety in specific situations ie hospital procedures, flying, driving, overbearing bosses/parents/partners
  • Finding the confidence – and joy! – to ride again after a bad horse riding accident
  • Clearing all guilt, shame and blame after childhood sexual abuse
  • Clearing all guilt, shame and blame after any kind of abuse (including verbal)
  • Breaking through financial/abundance ceilings to bring greater wealth, health and positivity into their lives

It has always been  my driver – and  my greatest pleasure – to support individuals in becoming bigger, brighter, fuller versions of themselves.  Where you can live the life you desire – and deserve.


Are you tired of not living the life you desire?  Do you wish a more easeful life?  Are you ready to transform your life?

I am ready to help you create that transformation

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Who am I to teach, deliver or advocate this work?

As someone who grew up believing I wasn’t good enough, or loveable, or worthy, I spent most of my life crippled by self doubt, insecurity and lack of confidence.  Despite great success at work and an “air” of confidence, it hid that horrid, sick anxiety that I felt each time my boss gave me bigger or more important projects to tackle – and we are talking multi million pound projects of transformation and sustainable change.  So no small potatoes…..

I also saw that “not good enough” pattern playing out in my teenage and early adult life in my relationships with men.  I pushed the good guys away and fell crashingly, head over heels in love with the bad ‘uns.

Fortunately, I was able to recognise this, and by goodness it intrigued me!  Why would I want to inflict that level of pain and torment on myself?  Yet I did.  Again and again.

I also recognised different money stories playing out too and was able to make clear connections to my childhood experience of growing up in poverty.  I knew I didn’t want that experience in my adult life, nor did I want that experience for my children either.  Yet whilst I was not living in poverty (I had a good job that paid well yet there was never anything left at the end of the month), I clearly had a money story and limitations around money that were obviously playing out for me too.

Because I have always had an interest in psychology and human behaviour, these patterns intrigued me and I wanted to learn more.  So I did!  I read books, attended workshops, seminars and courses.  Yet it was only when I trained in “Quantum Thinking Technologies” that all the missing pieces began to fall into place.

Using the same techniques that I use with my clients, I was able to clear my limiting beliefs around my own self worth and value and finally step fully into my power.  That, combined with my Shamanic Training, allowed me to take back my power from all of those who had taken it from me – and to whom I  had given it away (yes, we do give our power away as well…..).

This was transformational for me.  I was able to lovingly release and let go of all the beliefs, stories and relationships that disempowered me and prevented me from stepping into my true self and my true power.

And how rewarding – and liberating – it is to be able to stand true in your power regardless of what is going on around you.  

Finally, I reached a place in my life where I found my self belief, my esteem, my worth, my value and my true inner power.  Finally I could step into a bigger, brighter version of myself.  My true self.

And that is all I want for you.  To be able to help you step more fully into your true self.  To find a bigger, brighter version of you so you can start to live the life you desire – and deserve.

“The wounded heart learns self love by first overcoming low self esteem”   Bell Hooks

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Book your block of 2 x 1.5hr sessions here

If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, email the office and we can send you banking information


Sessions can be carried out face to face, by phone or skype