URGENT – Complaints About “Professional” Animal Communicators

  1. If you are in any of my paid Animal Communication Programmes, you will already be aware of this  disturbing issue – and a refresh on the severity of this situation can do you no harm. 
  2. If you are not currently on any of my paid programmes but have previously studied with me, I urge you to read the following so you are explicitly clear on where I stand.
  3. If you have never been a student of mine, or a student of Animal Communication, I invite you to read it anyway – so I can help prevent you from experiencing the pain and anguish that so many have gone through when working with “Professional” Animal Communicators.
At the end of last year, I received a disturbing email that was written by the incredible Penelope Smith – considered to be the founder of Animal Communication.
In the email, she shared that there were an alarming number of complaints about “Professional” Animal Communicators.  The key complaints against the Professional Animal Communicators were:-
  • Poor quality of their consultations
  • Lack of Knowledge
  • Lack of Experience
  • Lack of Depth
  • Lack of Professionalism
  • Lack of Ethics 

Investigations concluded that these “Professional” Animal Communicators were:-

  • Not well trained
  • Overstepping their role/boundaries as Animal Communicators – both ethically and legally
  • Not truly listening to the animals or their guardians
  • Not well grounded
  • Not well resourced – either emotionally, psychologically or spiritually
  • Inflicting harm by causing or prolonging an animal’s suffering – even leading to their death

Sadly, I am all too aware from the student’s I have worked with – who have previously trained with other providers – that there is a tremendously vast difference in what people are providing in their Professional Training Programmes – not just in terms of key Animal Communication Teachings but in ethics, boundaries, professionalism and professional practice.

And again, sadly, with this as the basis of many Professional Animal Communicators training, it unfortunately makes very clear sense why I receive countless enquiries from upset and often distressed clients, who have worked with “Professional” Animal Communicators who are failing to support their clients and failing to communicate their findings in supportive, compassionate and empowering ways – and ultimately causing anguish to both people and animals.  This distresses me greatly.

If you have been following my work for a while, you will know that I am a heart centred practitioner with a strong drive to act as a catalyst to create change and transformation, empowering both people and animals to become the very best versions of themselves they possibly can be.  

It was this drive – combined with being sick fed up receiving worried and cautious emails from people desperate to know how their animals were feeling, but having been previously burned by the experience of animal communication – that led me to develop my Professional Practitioner Training Programme.  I had previously been teaching for many years before hand and already had a thorough training programme in place, but by now I had collated a long list of complaints and/or ill experiences that clients had been through that need never have happened if only the right training had been put in place. I also had gathered an extensive list of “gaps” in student training that students had experienced with other providers that were failing to support them in becoming the best practitioners that they could be.  So I stepped up my game and enrolled in some further training so I could teach students even more powerfully how to bring the very best to the table – not just with their Animal Communication work but for themselves as individuals and Practitioners too.

And so my Professional Practitioner Programme was born.   

Let me be clear, this is not a plug for my Programme, this is about being clear about where I stand and reaching out to you on this vitally important issue:-

Current Students/Past Students

  • If you charge for your services, you are declaring yourself as a Professional Practitioner
  • If you have chosen not to train with me in the Professional Practitioner Programme, that is your choice and there will never be any hard feelings about that. 
  • Please know that under no circumstances may you say that your received your training to be a Professional Animal Communicator from me unless you have completed the Professional Practitioner Programme. And even if you have attended my Advanced Trainings, they are just a fraction of what you need to know to be a Professional Practitioner and do not provide the full, rounded teaching experience that is required to be a competent and effective Professional Practitioner.
  • I am aware that this stance may upset students who undertook the original 12 module course with me as it was, at that time, a complete course of study. Yet, as outlined when launching the Professional Practitioner Programme, there are an additional 6 modules focussing on deepening your effectiveness as a Professional Animal Communicator as well as deepening your understanding and effectiveness in Professional Practitioner Boundaries, Ethics and Sensitivity.  Additionally, you are provided with the tools, models and structure to create professional consultations, with professional outcomes – these ensure you will avoid creating the heartache that so many clients experience with other practitioners.  Furthermore, the Professional Practitioner Programme includes a thorough and robust Case Study Critique Service and assessment by an external panel of Animal Experts which the original programme didn’t provide.  And it is THAT which creates the  key learning stretch that is essential for you to be the best Animal Communicator that you can be.  If you are upset by this stance, I understand – especially for the few of you that did fully engage with the  original weekly Tutorial System as you did receive critiques of your work.  Despite the fact that my Critiques have since evolved and improved 100 fold due to my advanced training in NLP and Belief/Blocks Clearing, I hold my hands up and accept that there may be a little “muddy water” here – and I am genuinely sorry for that.  So I am open to you contacting me to discuss this if you feel so inclined.  I respectfully ask that you do that either by phone or email.
  • Only those who enroll in, and complete, the Professional Practitioner Programme have the right to say they received their Professional Animal Communicator Training from me.  
  • I cannot and will not validate anyone’s communication capabilities, communication style, professionalism or ethics unless I have worked with them through the Practitioners Programme.
  • If you are enrolled in the Professional Practitioners Programme and you have commenced Level 3, or you are enrolled on the “Fast Track Programme”, you are at liberty to say that you are in training with me to become a Professional Practitioner.
  • Anyone can take basic or advanced workshops with me or enrol in the Basic or Advanced Online Programmes.  These DO NOT prepare you for being a Professional Practitioner and you may not imply in any way – either verbally or written – including on the internet or social media that your Basic or Advanced workshops/online training qualifies you to be a Professional Practitioner.

Being a Professional Animal Communication Practitioner is not something to be taken lightly.  We have a tremendous responsibility to both animals and their guardians when we undertake this vital and privileged work. 

I thank you for adhering to the above and being part of a heart-centred drive to ensure Professional Animal Communication remains a Reputable Profession. 

Not a Student but thinking about working with a Professional Animal Communicator?

  • Check their credentials – who did they train with, how long did they train for (anything less than a year would ring alarm bells for me).  Have they attended Advanced Workshops to further develop their skills and training?
  • Ask questions!  A Practitioner with integrity will be happy to answer any questions you have and gladly provide you with evidence of their competence, training and insurance – and even direct contact with clients they have worked with
  • Anyone can create a flash website with glowing testimonials – look beyond that.  Do your own research
  • Most of all, trust your intuition – it you don’t like how they have handled your enquiry or answered your questions, look elsewhere.  Equally, if they don’t tick all the boxes above yet you have a really good feeling about them, go for it!  Either way, you are making an informed decision.
Wishing you the very best of experiences either as a student or as a client!
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