Will you recognise your animal friend when they return to this earth to be with you again?

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  • Prepare for being re-united with your beloved animal friend in their next lifetime with you
  • Learn to Communicate with Animals – Nottinghamshire (Newark), Bristol (Thornbury), Cumbria (Millon) & Edinburgh (next to Haymarket Train Station)
  • See our amazing new products to support both you and your animal friends
  • Special offer for the first 20 Personal Prescription orders!

I already had this month’s newsletter written when I had a heart breaking consultation with a client this morning – so I decided to write about that experience in the hope that you could avoid this painful situation.

Dez had got in touch and had asked me to communicate with her dog, Kia, who passed away a couple of months ago. Dez is naturally heartbroken at the loss of her best friend and is really struggling to cope.

Kia was chatty and happily shared lots of communications with me.  I found her to be an amazing being who needed to leave this earth quickly in order to be able to return quickly to her mum.  During the consultation Kia shared many experiences of her life here on earth with her mum, including how and why she passed away and the favourite things she liked to do with her mum.  She also told me that she was still with her mum and visited her often – she was even was able to show me where her mum sat and sang to her each day.  She also showed me vivid imagery of her following her mum around the house.  I was able to describe rooms in the house to Dez who was able to validate the information that Kia was giving me.  But she couldn’t feel Kia’s presence.  Yes, she could identify the rooms and garden as well as the experiences that Kia had shared with her since her passing – but she had no sense of Kia being present with her during those experiences.

Would you know if your animal friend was to return to visit you in spirit form or to reunite with you in a different physical body?

The best preparation for this is to start getting to know your animal friend energetically.  Now, whilst they are still here with you.  Really learn how to “feel” them without touch – feel their presence, feel their energy, feel the essence of their soul. Use my “Soul 2 Soul Connection Technique” from the free module gifted to you when you signed up for my newsletters.  Practice with this and start to get a sense of what it feels like when you connect.

Taking time to learn how to connect energetically with your companion will help you in several ways:-

  1. Learning how to recognise your animal friend’s energy whilst they are still here on earth will make it easier to recognise them when they return to you.
  2. Knowing that an animal can return to you at any time – and you can recognise their energetic imprint – can bring great comfort and really support you in dealing with, and preparing for, their passing.
  3. As you practice learning to recognise their energetic imprint, you will also be opening and strengthening your communication channels too.  Learning how to connect without touch will serve you both greatly in the event that your animal friend becomes too sore to be touched or held in their last days with you.  You can stay connected with them and support them even more powerfully with your energetic connection.

Not sure how to do this?  Come along to any one of the following workshops and I will show you how to:

  • Connect energetically with your animal friend/s
  • Strengthen the loving bond that you already have with your animal friend/s
  • Deepen the connection between you so there is less dependency on words
  • Connect in this way with other people’s animals too


Animal Communication Workshops  


Click here for all the juicy details!  And read all about how student Gill saved the life of a dog just today after attending a 2 day workshop last year!  Would you like to make that kind of difference to the lives of animals?  You Can!  It’s really not that difficult!  I would LOVE to see you and work with you at any one of the remaining 4 workshops this year!

  • Nottinghamshire
  • Bristol
  • Cumbria
  • Edinburgh

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