Your Animal’s Challenging Behaviour Is A Tremendous Gift!

Your wish is my command!

I received so many replies to the last newsletter/video saying how much everyone loved the video that I will continue to connect with you in this way.  This newsletter’s video explains why so many of us are being presented with past emotional issues just now – often repeatedly resurfacing so painfully – and how our animals can often play an integral part in helping us release these past pains and hurts.  So don’t skip the video – there might be an important message in there for you!  The video is another impromptu one with some real dodgy editing after dropping my phone twice (!).  Mid way through the video I was guided to offer some free appointments so check it out to see if my free offer suits your situation.  If so, email the office with “Free Appointment” as the subject header.
But before watching the video, read the beautiful story of Spud the cat and his mum Gina below – their story along with many others inspired the video.

Spud The Buddha!

Gina contacted the office in a terrible state as her beloved puss, Spud had not come home for 4 nights.  She was awfully worried about him and wanted to know where he was and if he was lost. We organised an Emergency Communication Consultation and I spoke to Spud that day.  The wise Spud told me he was not lost, but he was NOT returning home!
The reason?  He wanted his mum to start taking more care of herself.  He had successfully communicated this to her before and now he really wanted her to up her game and work even more deeply on herself.  He continued to tell me that he was in her life to teach her about unconditional love, trust and inner confidence. When I phoned Gina to discuss my consultation with her beloved Spud, she was gobsmacked!  She identified with what he had said and then shared some key information about how she had felt most of her life – since a very small child.  She was holding onto some outdated beliefs that no longer served her – and Spud could see that so clearly!  He wanted for her to release these old patterns so she could embrace life and start living to her fullest potential.  Given that Spud wasn’t coming home until Gina started work on herself, I arranged time to work with Gina that same day. I checked with Gina that she was ready to release these old beliefs and then we did just that – released them!  All of them!  Gone!  Blitzed!
Here is what Gina emailed me a few days later:-
“Dear Sarah Jane,
I can’t thank you enough for the incredible session we had together on Wednesday. I feel like a completely different person. And of course, my darling, wise little teacher is home.
I’d love for us to put in a regular session to work together. I really enjoyed working with you and Spud is clearly full of wisdom and as he said, here to teach me about trust, insecurity and unconditional love. 
I’ve attached a pic of us having our movie night tonight 🙂
Thank you again for your care, compassion and wisdom. And looking after my darling boy. 
With love,
Gina xx”

Spud the Buddha

Are you experiencing old emotions and past hurts resurfacing just now? Or going round and round in the same unhealthy habitual patterns?

If so, watch the video to find out why and what you can do to help yourself.  Here is the link to the Personalised Prescription Blends that I refer to:

Happy Blitizing!!!


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2 Responses to Your Animal’s Challenging Behaviour Is A Tremendous Gift!

  1. Linda Riseborough says:

    Hi Sarah-Jane, thank you for that amazing communication. It’s a year to the day since I moved into my new home and started very slowly on my new journey. In the last few weeks I’ve begun to see things more clearly but obviously have a good way to go – my dog has definitely been mirroring some of my behaviours (and I thought they were all her issues from her previous home!). Your video has shed light on this too – thank you.

    • Ahh Linda, the wonder and magic of having animals in our lives! Your girl is clearly being a great teacher for you – and you are an excellent student to have recognised this. I look forward to hearing more about your journey together….

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