About Sarah-Jane

Sarah-Jane Le Blanc brings a unique set of skills and qualifications to her Animal Communication & Therapy Centre and the healing work she offers directly and at a distance for both animals and their guardians.

Awarded a degree in Education (BA Ced), a Diploma in Bio-Energy Training (BETD) and having dedicated years to learning and perfecting highly developed Intuitive Communication skills, Sarah-Jane is based in Scotland and is regarded as one of the UK’s leading Animal Communicators, working with literally thousands of animals and people all over the world.

Sarah-Jane brings a simple, down to earth approach to work that is natural in origin, yet is often viewed as being somehow mystical, or even impossible.  By sharing her powerful strategies for connecting with the animal world she has won converts throughout the UK, Europe, Australia, Asia, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa, stimulating her clients and captivating her audiences with her friendly and fresh approach, and winning their confidence by demonstrating her ability to make Intuitive Communication accessible, uncomplicated, often fun, and most importantly, transforming.

Sarah-Jane is the author of ‘Pet Whisperer,’ the enchanting story of her own personal journey into animal communication and healing.  At times humorous, heart-warming throughout, ‘Pet Whisperer’ is laced with inspirational stories of Sarah-Jane’s early and on-going communications with animals who initially seemed to cross her mind, her heart and her path as if by accident – even in her dreams.

As Sarah-Jane is quick to point out, she suffered a childhood fear of animals, so she could not understand why the animals were coming to her.  However, she believes there are no coincidences.  She paid careful attention to the early signs, and came to discover the animals were indeed seeking her out in their times of real need.  Intuitively, they knew she had the ability to help, and the means to form a bridge of connection.  It was through those early conversations she began to conduct with furry and feathered friends she discovered their guardians often needed help as well.

In addition to her book, Sarah-Jane’s work has also received much media interest and has featured in many national and international publications and radio shows.  With each new feature comes a growing awareness amongst Sarah-Jane’s readers and listeners of the very real possibility of communicating with our animals, and the pivotal role our animals can play in assisting our own personal and spiritual development.

As a Speaker, Educator, Healer and Intuitive Animal Communicator, Sarah-Jane now travels the globe teaching her unique “Soul 2 Soul Connection” Technique, enabling people to communicate with the animals they love directly from the very heart of their soul, and empowering them to make positive changes in their own lives as a result of this heart-centered exchange.  She has also developed a Distance Learning Course which is delivered as interactive modules, teaching others how to reconnect with and trust their inner intuitive senses.

A member of the Bi-Aura Therapy Foundation and the British Complementary Medicine Association, Sarah-Jane adheres to strict Codes of Professional Conduct, as well as to the Veterinary Surgeons Act of 1966.  She also voluntarily adheres to the ‘Code of Ethics for Interspecies Communicators’ devised by Penelope Smith in 1990.

Sarah-Jane’s stated commitment is to assist both animals and guardians in reaching new heights of health and well being, and her passion is to teach them how to communicate with one another naturally and compassionately on their respective journeys.  She often says, ‘If someone like me, terrified of animals all my life, can learn how to lovingly communicate with them, then so can you.’