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Welcome to the beautiful and magical world of Animal Communication!

Step into the enchanting realm of Pet Whisperer. This is the place where miracles really do happen and dreams absolutely do come true. Not just for the animals, but for you too.
Pet Whisperer

My name is Sarah-Jane Le Blanc and I have dedicated more than 2 decades to mastering the intricate art of animal communication, allowing me to:

  • Understand what your animal companion is experiencing
  • Decode how their body feels
  • Address, understand and resolve behavioural problems creating lasting, sustainable change
  • Develop end-of-life plans and convey your companion’s final wishes 
  • Facilitate communication from beyond the grave
  • Unravel the mysteries behind their unique quirks
  • Share your messages and illicit their response
  • Foster a deeper understanding between you and your beloved furry friends

Here at Pet Whisperer, we envision and inhabit a world where the language of love enriches the bond between humans and animals, bringing healing to hearts and minds.

It would be my absolute privilege and honour to be the bridge that deepens the connection between you and your cherished animal companions.

The Soul 2 Soul Connection

Turning Your Animal Communication Dreams Into Reality

My passion for instigating change has been my compass since my teenage years, with my life purpose crystal clear: to empower both people and animals to embrace their very best lives.

Armed with a background and degree in Education, Diploma in Energy Work, Coaching Certification and NLP Training, I bring over 30 years of people-focused transformation to the animal communication teaching table where I can so very easily turn your dreams of wanting to be an animal communicator into a very real and tangible reality.

Join the Pet Whisperer Student Family and be a part of creating a world where the language of love deepens the connection between humans and animals, fostering healing in hearts and minds.

Together, we can change and heal the world, one animal at a time…
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"Sarah-Jane's workshops are a game-changer. I've learnt how to communicate with my dog on a deeper level, leading to a more harmonious and understanding relationship. Her approach is compassionate and effective, and it's incredible to see the change in my dog's behaviour."

Oliver, Manchester

"Before Sarah-Jane's course, I struggled to understand my cat's needs. Now, I not only understand her meows but also her subtle body language. Sarah-Jane's techniques are revolutionary, transforming our relationship completely. I'm forever grateful for her patient and insightful guidance."

Emily, Brighton

"As a veterinarian, I thought I knew everything about animals. However, Sarah-Jane's teachings on animal communication have added a new dimension to my practice. Her insights into animal emotions and thoughts are profound and have greatly enhanced my ability to care for animals."

Liam, Cardiff

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