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We all have this innate ability and many of you will already be intuitively understanding what your animal companion needs or wants.  There are times when you ‘just know’ they are not themselves, even though everyone else seems to think they are just fine!  Sarah-Jane takes this basic connection and understanding to the next level using her “Soul 2 Soul Connection” Technique where she shares a loving connection with your animal friend, directly from the heart of her soul to theirs.  She achieves this by creating a safe and sacred bridge of communication through which the animals are invited to be heard, and understood, in a loving and non-judgmental exchange.

Once this “Soul 2 Soul Connection” is established, Sarah-Jane is able to immediately share information with your beloved animal friend on your behalf. Trusting this is indeed possible, wouldn’t it be fantastic to:
  • Know how your friend is really feeling
  • Understand their likes and dislikes, their dreams and desires
  • Understand their behaviours from their point of view
  • Resolve behavioural or emotional challenges facing both of you
  • Feel how their body feels, and where they may be sore, tired or in need of support
  • Hear their views about what works for them and what needs change
  • Deepen your understanding of, and emotional connection with your beloved friend
  • Alert and reassure your friend of forthcoming changes that will impact on them directly
  • Share messages of unconditional love

Why the Pet Whisperer’s Approach is Unique

During the Intuitive Animal Communication feedback consultation, you become an integral part of the process, linked up to your animal friend energetically with and through Sarah-Jane, creating a 3-way communication link.  During this part of the communication consultation, you will be able to ask any questions you like directly to your animal friend, and immediately hear their answers with Sarah-Jane acting as the interpreter. As an Educator and Bi-Aura Therapy Practitioner, Sarah-Jane has always been committed to improving the health and wellbeing of both animals and people.  This commitment sees her working in a unique way to support the healing, growth and development of the animal as well as the guardian, where appropriate. Sarah-Jane works simultaneously with the animal and the guardian providing healing to both so they mend together, learn together, and grow together.  As of this writing, Sarah-Jane is the only Practitioner in Scotland to work in this unique way, and one of only three in the United Kingdom to work with this powerful approach to healing and deepening the human-animal relationship.
“Breeze and I are doing great. I definitely believe we are on another level now - our relationship is so different - as though we are one soul. My friends can see a big change in us both … we are both in a great place and that is thanks to you and your incredible work and the energy that you share…. I feel I have found myself at last and it definitely reflects on him as though we both feel at peace in our lives together, which is absolutely great after the long journey we have made in reaching this point. I can’t thank you enough for your amazing work!” Helen and her horse Breeze after Intuitive Communication and simultaneous healing treatments.
Testimonials to Sarah-Jane’s effectiveness in the field come in regularly and a selection can be found here.

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